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STAR TREK Online Uniforms

Star Trek Online Vulcan Officer

Custom uniforms from the new massively multiplayer game Star Trek Online.  Defend the galaxy in style, as a new breed of officers takes up the gauntlet to fight against the Klingon Empire.

Prototype Design          Star Trek Online uniform         

Prototype uniform design leather jacket commissioned by Dan Griffis of Cryptic Studios.  This style was later modified to become Starfleet style Sierra1.

Star Trek Online Male Uniform                                              Star Trek Online Uniform

Basic Styles

A - 01    A - 02    A - 03    A - 04    A - 05

Antares 1                 Antares 2                Antares 3                 Antares 4               Antares 5

B - 01     B - 02     B - 03     B - 04     B - 05

Sierra 1                    Sierra 2                    Sierra 3                    Sierra 4                  Sierra 5

For a guide to the new Odyssey style uniforms, see this page on the ARC website for descriptions and standard uniform colors: Starfleet Uniform Code.

Many styles are possible, in a variety of colors and textures.  Uniforms are available in cloth and leather versions.  Write for pricing for your custom one of a kind uniform.

STO Combadge

STO  Jacket - Leather      $500.00 and up

STO  Jacket - Pleather     $400.00 and up

STO  Jacket - Cloth          $350.00 and up

Write For Pricing




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